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We all deserve to live in a sustainable world with access to nutritious and delicious food. We started Fox at the Fork to create connections between the food we eat, the land we live on, and the community that surrounds us. We offer sustainable, organically grown, local produce, so that we can work toward a more equitable and resilient food system in Illinois. By consuming our farm fresh vegetables, you can help heal the world and create a sustainable planet for future generations.

Our farm name is rooted in the relationships that encircle us. The Fox represents our dog, Penny, who keeps a watchful eye over all farm operations. The Fork refers to the creek, Forked Creek, that connects our farm to adjacent waterways and beyond. These connections keep us grounded and inspire us to design a system of local food production that grows in harmony with our environment.


Our farm is located on the ancestral lands of the Kickapoo, Peoria, Miami, Potawotami, and Kaskaskia tribes.

Fox at the Fork Farm - portrait BW small
Forked Creek Fox at the Fork Farm
Penny in grass Fox at the Fork Farm.jpeg


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Hello! I am a first generation farmer from Boulder, CO. I am passionate about engaging with nature through growing and eating local food. I came to a life of farming when a twist of fate moved me and my husband, Josh, from Chicago to New Jersey in 2017 and I started working on an organic vegetable farm. I spent the next 3 years immersing myself in the world of organic vegetable farming and ecological farm design. Rooted in the knowledge I gained living in the Garden State, I decided to branch out and start a farm of my own in Josh's home state of Illinois in 2021.  


I love farming because it helps bring me a sense of connection - to land, to food, to people. I strive to farm in relationship with nature, observing and learning from the patterns that already exist. Though I never expected I would grow up to be a farmer, I am happiest with my hands in the soil, surrounded by plants. 



I’m an entrepreneur at heart and am delighted to take the skills I learned from my time working in financial services and apply them to our farm business. My primary focus around the farm is business development to expand the reach of our operation. I’m passionate about sustainability and building a farm business that creates an ecosystem for all creatures while supporting our family and community. Morgan and I bring our passion for local food to our farm, you can taste the difference in our produce. 


As a Homewood, IL native, I’m excited to connect my community to the food we grow and the land where we grow it. I look forward to sharing our farm with the Greater Chicago community.

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Want to learn more about our local produce? We would love to connect with you.

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